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This summer I’ve begun making web cartoons and drawings with Illustrator, a new hobby horse that evolved naturally out of my interest in using Photoshop to make crappy cartoon avatars of myself. The *Art* page on this site hosts my art Instagram feed, @spillsberkley, which is the best place to view my drawings and concepts.

Recently I made a couple prints of these drawings and the results were, frankly, stunning (which has nothing to do with my own printmaking abilities – all the credit goes to the beautiful Moab fine art paper I decided to invest in). Below are some pictures I took with my phone: the first is a gift for my sister Holly, and the second is an anniversary present for The Evergreen, the Bushwick neighborhood bar where I work Saturday nights. In case anyone is interested, I am using a Canon MP560 printer with Moab Entrada Rag Bright 300g Fine Art paper.


I plan to eventually open a web store here to sell my prints, but for now anyone (assuming you live in the continental U.S.!) may shoot me a DM on Instagram to request a print – the current going price is $ 25 per print, which includes shipping and handling.

I’ll post more updates as this enterprise continues to grow. For now, I hope you enjoy the new content, and (as always) thank you for your support!



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