I Made a Rap Video! And It is Fashionably Lit!

This was a fun project I undertook while living at home in Northern Virginia. Since most of my experience with making music videos has involved Christmas carols with my parents and Photoshopping my friends’ heads onto pictures of Jesus, it was a nice change of pace to experiment with lighting, make-shift dollies, and slowly driving a Maserati around the top of a parking lot.

You can find a Spotify link to the Sloryboyz’ album — “Fashionably Lit”, a GOAT candidate for hip-hop album name — in the description of the YouTube video, as well as many ways to follow them on social media.


Oh, and as a bonus “easter egg”, here are some spook-tacular images from my first lighting test for the video. Enjoy!:)




“Welcome to my sex dungeon. Please take your shoes off, if you don’t mind.”


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