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Since December 2018 I have produced, hosted, and managed social media and graphic design needs for The Show! alongside my partner, Clarissa Marie Ligon.

Sadly, due to the pandemic we have had to halt our bimonthly live productions, and are currently assessing how to adjust our model to the post-coronavirus world.

Check out the buttons above to stay abreast of where we're headed!

The Show! #7 : February 16, 2020

Kenice Mobley, Andrew Schiavone, Josh Raff, Bambi, Dirty Bird

The Show! #6 : October 27, 2019

Ashton Womack, Meghan Frank, Crockerdile,
Ricancleopatra, Hecate, Baby Styx & Rita Von Teese

The Show! #5 : September 8, 2019

Maggie Lalley, Ashlynn Salzano, Craig Schenker, IAMDOV, Elle Baez

The Show! #4 : June 2, 2019

Martin Urbano, Rashad Bashir, SAS Band, Hecate, YourNewStepmom

The Show! #3 : April 7, 2019

Dylan Adler, The Foxy Johnstons, LaTrine, Nic Hanson, Yemi Afolabi

The Show! #2 : February 10, 2019

Maddy Smith, Zach Teague, Rebelle, SPRNG VLVT, James Ashforth

The Show! #1 : December 7, 2019

The Dewars, Drew Drevyanko, Stewart Fullerton, Hecate, YourNewStepmom