The Show! is a free variety show that I produce and host alongside my partner Chubbi Bunni Sinclair (AKA Clarissa Marie Ligon). It has been such a fun ride for us and a wonderful creative and performative outlet — we are both so grateful for the community of Show!-goers who have supported us so far, as well as the local business owners who have donated awesome gifts to our sponsored raffle. For a little backstory on our show got started, check out this great piece from the Bushwick Daily!

The Show! #7 : February 16, 2020

Kenice Mobley, Andrew Schiavone, Josh Raff, Bambi, Dirty Bird

The Show! #6 : October 27, 2019

Ashton Womack, Meghan Frank, Crockerdile,
Ricancleopatra, Hecate, Baby Styx & Rita Von Teese

The Show! #5 : September 8, 2019

Maggie Lalley, Ashlynn Salzano, Craig Schenker, IAMDOV, Elle Baez

The Show! #4 : June 2, 2019

Martin Urbano, Rashad Bashir, SAS Band, Hecate, YourNewStepmom

The Show! #3 : April 7, 2019

Dylan Adler, The Foxy Johnstons, LaTrine, Nic Hanson, Yemi Afolabi

The Show! #2 : February 10, 2019

Maddy Smith, Zach Teague, Rebelle, SPRNG VLVT, James Ashforth

The Show! #1 : December 7, 2019

The Dewars, Drew Drevyanko, Stewart Fullerton, Hecate, YourNewStepmom